Cupcate Towers

There are few things that can rival the elegance of dozens of beautifully decorated cupcakes, artfully organized on a cupcake tower.  Cupcake Towers offer customized inspiration for the celebrations in your life. Be it a wedding, shower, anniversary, holiday or birthday, you can easily create a Cupcake Tower with the perfect details to match your special event. Each cupcake stand is unique, custom and handcrafted with you in mind.

You choose the size you want and personalize the detail to match your celebration. Your guests will be impressed with your cupcake display and your cupcakes will be the hit of the party!  Cupcake Towers can be made of plastic, metal, wood or cardboard and usually range from three to seven tiers. You can also use ordinary cake tiers in graduated sizes to create exquisite wedding cupcake tower.
Using cake tiers to display your cupcakes allows you to have as many tiers as you choose. However if you make them too high, there is a risk of a falling tower. If you need a large number of cup cakes it would be wiser to use more than one tower.

Cupcake decorating must be carefully done when displaying on a tower, especially if it is for a formal affair like a wedding, shower, or other big event.  Choose your cupcake decoration theme to match the colors and or theme of the party. 

A wedding cupcake design displayed on a tower can be as elegant as any traditional wedding cake or as informal as you want it to be. It all depends on how you decorate on how you decorate and display your cupcakes.

You may want to have the same flavor for all your cupcakes. This is the easiest way to go. The important thing to remember about a cupcake tower is that your cupcakes need to be even in order to be visually appealing.

A cupcake tower will usually cost anywhere from $25 to over $100.  It all depends on the size and quality of your cupcake tower.  Cupcake towers usually can hold anywhere from 30 to 200 cupcakes at once.  Itís important to know how many cupcakes you want to display before purchasing cupcake towers.
Cupcake Towers